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I was set the challenge of finding a good meat restaurant in London, something that had ribs I was told, so always liking a challenge, I set about to find somewhere where we could enjoy a good meaty meal. When searching the web, the first place that popped up was a place called Bodeans. The name rang a bell so I continued onto their website. An american influenced bar and grill, the menu sounded pretty tasty so there and then I decided it was a yes.  I’m glad I stuck with the decision as the place did not disappoint at all.

Situated halfway down Poland Street, just off Oxford Street, you can smell the place 10ft before you reach it. The Neon signs and the cue outside were a sure sign that this was the place. Although a cold night, being the beginning of October, at least fifteen people sat waiting to have their name called. After a few minutes we managed to squeeze our way in to get an approximate waiting time. We were told it would be 30-35mins. Although it seemed long at first, I knew I didn’t want to go somewhere else, not now, and being hopeful thought, ‘ah it won’t be too long.’

Luckily for us it was only a 15 minute wait before  two seats became available.

The restaurant is laid out as a deli upstairs, restaurant down stairs. Squashed in-between each other, if on a first date you might be worried that the person sitting next to you is listening in, however, once you sit down, the noises around you just become muddled into one and you can focus and listen to the people you came with.

The Baby Back Ribs and Buffalo Wings were pretty good too!

The menu offered a variety of ribs, chicken wings and a selection of pork, beef and chicken sandwiches, therefore you definitely can’t go wrong if you’re a meat lover. However, there are veggie options too such as the double veggie burger and a couple of salads to choose from. Being recommend the pulled pork I went for the Soho special  voted ‘the best sandwich in town’ by capital radio. It combined both burnt ends and pulled pork in a toasted bun with bbq sauce and chips. It didn’t take long to come and when it did it didn’t take long to eat either. The chips were hand made and absolutely delicious, although given a selection of sauces on the sides, they wasn’t a need for them. The first bite of the burger was delicious, filled with so much meat, the tastes were all consuming and powerful, however after 5 or so bites I found it became too much and had to take a break.

Bodean’s provides the usual beverages but what makes the menu stand out are the western themed cocktails such as Bodean’s Martini, the famous New Orlean’s Hurricane and Pit boss’ apple juice.

All in all it was a great spot for an evening meal. We headed downstairs to check out restaurant where I overheard the waitress saying to one group it was a two hour wait. Good job they provide a takeaway service!