Christmas is always a favourite time of years for films. I happily anticipate the day when the packed weekend guide arrives and I can get out my red pen and highlight all the things I want to watch! The fact that I never get round to even half the things I want to watch doesn’t matter; it’s still as fun all the same. Not only is there plenty to watch on TV but classic Christmas films are re-released to cinemas, therefore creating a fantastic excuse for cinemas, especially independent, to put on an amazing event alongside it.

Some of the best events I have seen advertised belong to The Everyman Cinema. Life of Pi and The Hobbit may be currently showing however The Everyman’s return of Enchanted Pictures has been taking place all of this month. Turning the Old Vic Tunnels into a cosy Winter Wonderland, The Everyman cinema have brought the likes of Edward Scissorhands, It’s a Wonderful Life and Home Alone to screens beneath the streets of London.

Providing homemade pizza, mulled wine and log cabin bars, the Everyman really think about the cosiness and warmth that is associated with Christmas and therefore it is not surprising that tickets were sold out exceptionally fast! Luckily the Everyman are always putting on some wonderful events and you can check them out here:

The Prince Charles on the other hand have been doing what they do best, Double Bills, this time, however, it’s Christmas Double Bills! Home Alone and Elf back to back on Boxing Day are films we straight away associate with Christmas, whereas Die Hard and Gremlins maybe not so much. However they are still always Christmas favourites, with Empire magazine itself voting Die Hard as the number one Christmas Film.

A great selection of Christmas Films out in cinemas to see and there’s also the standard films on Television.  We’ve already had E.T and A Christmas Carol, you can bet Home Alone, White Christmas and some form of Shrek film will be on too. It is great to see the favourite’s popping up on the guide however I do feel sometimes it feels like the same films every year. I always love certain films like, Twins and Love Actually but there are certain things I’d like to see more of rather than The Sound of Music and The Wizard of Oz . Then again it might be a good year to try something new for Christmas.

One thing I am excited about is The Snowman and The Snowdog. It’s been thirty years since Raymond Brigg’s animation, The Snowman made its debut, so it will be super interesting to see how the Snowman and The Snowdog is received. Others that must be watched are The Railway Children and of course Enchanted (Hello Mr McDreamy!)

So with plenty to watch and a week off work, I know I’ll definitely be trying to cram in some TV goodness. Those red circles might just be looked upon again!