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Future Cinema Who framed Roger Rabbit

Future Cinema Ink & Paint Club

Future Cinema held a Valentines spectacular, showcasing Who Framed Roger Rabbit at the Troxy. The event opened on Valentines day and runs until February 23rd.

Just a few minutes walk away from Limehouse station you step in to an immersive cinema experience as soon as you join the que. Who framed Roger Rabbit is almost 30 years old and is a timeless film. I must’ve watched it half a dozen times when I was little and although remember iconic moments and characters such as Jessica Rabbit, there was a lot I had completely forgotten! This is where Future Cinema steps in and transports you back to 70s Brooklyn,capturing the feel of Who Framed Roger Rabbit perfectly.

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As you wait to go into the Troxy, the weasels are there jumping in and out of the crowd making jokes. You are met at the entrance by someone who shakes your hand and acts as if they have known you for years but the stand out moment is when you enter the Troxy and pass through the red curtain and see that the Troxy has been transformed into the ink and paint club to perfection. White tablecloths cover over 100 round tables; there are several mini stages in places throughout the ground floor. At the front is a long narrow stage with a microphone for the performers whilst at the back is the cocktail bar serving cocktails such as the Jessica Rabbit which consists of vodka, raspberry puree, topped with Prosecco. Not forgetting the incredible food bar serving hot dawgs, pulled porker and beef in a bun.

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Jessica Rabbit cocktail

The doors open at 6.30pm and the show kicked off at 6.45 with songs from Betty Boo, videos and musicians playing the piano. Filled with glamour and sass the songs get everyone up and dancing and there is even one where everyone has to dance along, wave their hands and move their feet. Then comes the moment everyone had been waiting for, the gorgeous Jessica Rabbit! It’s a hard feat to match up to the sensational animation that is Jessica Rabbit but the actress who played and sung her for the night most certainly had the figure and charisma to play the role to perfection. With the long red hair just covering her eye and her slitted sparkly red dress, she certainly had men drooling and girls watching enviously as she sauntered round the stage.

Jessica Rabbit- Future Cinema046 (1024x683)Dancing Girls Future Cinema052 (1024x683)

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The great thing about Future Cinema is that once the film begins the actors don’t just hide away and leave us to each the film, they continue to pop out and act parts of the film out which keeps you on your toes as you never know which part they’re going to show up in. What’s also fun is that whilst watching the film you have realisation moments as characters you had seen previously in the night and weren’t sure who they were suddenly make sense and come together and you can respect them even more.

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The effort at which people dressed up really added to the evening. I saw so many beautiful dresses and 70s Brooklyn inspired hair styles as well as plenty of braces and dapper suits on the men’s behalf. Several girls had bought Jessica Rabbit’s sparkly number with purple gloves and were working the look fantastically. Sometimes you just need that excuse to get dolled up for an evening and Future Cinema most certainly offers that. Once the film was over and everyone’s cheering, whistling and clapping had subsided the actors all jumped up on the stage and began dancing whilst the tables are cleared away turning the ground floor into a dance floor. It didn’t take long for the majority of the crowd to get up on the floor dancing to the swinging music played and enjoying the rest of their night until 12a.m.

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit is playing at the Troxy until February 23rd so if you’re looking for an entertaining, exciting and swinging night I would most certainly encourage you to look into buying a ticket because it will be over before you know it!