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Brohm Lake VancouverSea to Sky Highway Vancouver Brohm Lake Sea to Sky VancouverI wrote this months ago but have been so slack with my posts recently that I’m only just getting round to posting. I can’t believe it’s already been over 6 months since we all went to this incredible place!

The weather in Vancouver over the summer was beautiful so it would have been a sin not to take advantage of the beautiful city and do some road trips and hiking! My friend Anna got the ball rolling with looking into hiring a car as there was 10 of us wanting to go and only one vehicle. We hadn’t fully decided where to go however, Brohm Lake near Squamish was mentioned and recommended so we thought we’d give it a go. The scenery on the way to Squamish, known as the sea to sky highway is absolutely beautiful. Once you get out of downtown traffic, the road is long, free and wide and there are mountains all around for the majority of the journey. With the trunk packed with food, towels and swimwear, we drove for just over an hour taking a quick stop at Shannon Falls before we arrived at Brohm Lake.

Sea to Sky Highway VancouverAs soon as we got there we were all in awe. The lake was absolutely stunning and luckily it wasn’t too crowded either. The weather was gorgeous, at 26 degrees therefore the perfect day for a swim. Six of us decided to do a hike before going into the lake and chose a ‘smooth’ hike which took us approximately an hour and a half. Our friend Mike claimed the path was super smooth, having never done it himself before, and it was anything but smooth however not super challenging.
We felt we deserved jumping in the lake more after having done the hike and got a bit of exercise in. The others had brought a lilo with them and had been in the lake for the majority of the time we had been gone. It was so refreshing, cold at first but once fully immersed in the water, and with the sun shining down, it was heavenly. The scenery all around was so beautiful, masses of land and mountains and you could swim out far and wide. It was a bit painful getting into the lake as we were sitting on some rocks and had to climb down to get in but once in you soon forget about them.

Sea to SkyWe arrived at Brohm Lake around 1p.m and left close to 6p.m in search of somewhere to have some dinner and a drink. We found a spacious, lovely restaurant that was located directly opposite the Chief (another hike to add to the list) and were fortunate that they were able to cater for a table of ten. I ordered the veggie chilli as it came with cornbread and it was good but very sweet, a little too sweet even for my tastebuds. We headed home after and stopped off at a viewpoint on the way as the moutains just looked so stunning. We walked down a golf course until we got to this beautiful lake which made a fantasitc photo opportuntiy. We returned feeling happy and glad we had followed through with our plans and explored a new place and definitely all decided we would look into doing some more!

Hikes VancouverFun at Brohm Lake