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alexandria-symphony-fruit-tea natural-ingredients-of-autumn-sonata-tea-including-almond-pieces-cactus-blossoms-and-vanilla-pieces Milena Bottero, entrepreneur and tea enthusiast, launches tearoute.co.uk – an online tea shop offering a Greek twist on teas with a choice of over 80, and home delivery now available across the UK and Europe.

Tearoute introduces a beautifully aromatic selection of whole leaf teas inspired by the Mediterranean and top quality single origin teas from Asia. Shoppers are invited to navigate the extensive list of flavoured teas, wellness teas and true origin white, green and black teas, making this online store a one-stop shopping hub for those seeking tea blends with natural ingredients including essential oils, dried fruits, flower blossoms and spices.

This new online tea shop has been brought to the UK by Milena, who along with her uncle JeanMarie Verlet who founded the family company in Greece in 2001, works with farmers in Epirus, Thessaly and the Peloponnese. Together they have travelled to tea gardens in China, Japan and India looking for small producers who share their passion for amazing aromas and unusual flavours.

gaia-green-teaWith so much to choose from, tea lovers might opt to press the inspirational “lucky dip” button when shopping on the tearoute website: this produces a delicious tea blend suggestion at random. Or else there is the seasonal Autumn Sonata – a comforting black flavoured tea blend that tastes of sweet hazelnuts and vanilla. Tearoute’s tea list includes many more suggestions from the unusual to the more well known, and all with interesting stories.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Magic Mountain black tea from China with floral flavours of spring flowers and a hint of honey, £5
  • Mastiha Chai naturally invigorating green flavoured tea with sweet spice aromas, £8
  • Gardens of Bukhara oolong flavoured tea from Taiwan and named after the city of Bukhara, a centre of commercial and cultural exchanges, £8
  • White Mosaic white flavoured tea that is a perfectly spiced pairing to Baklava sweets, £9
  • The Earth Song relaxing fruit tea with ingredients including dried Damask rose buds from Rose Valley in Bulgaria, £7
  • Detox tea herbal tea made with herbs grown on the slopes of Mount Olympus – the highest mountain in Greece and home of the Olympian Gods, £6

rooibos-abyssiniaMilena comments: “I am thrilled to launch tearoute in the UK and share my journey of tea discovery with other devotees here and across Europe. Even before you add the hot water to our delicious blends they will make the whole room smell incredible. This is why we playfully remind tearoute shoppers that “it’s tea – not potpourri” – because each tea on our list delivers wonderful aromas that are as enjoyable as the delightful flavours of the tea itself. It’s about taking a little time to enjoy a quality tea moment.”

Tearoute delivers to the UK and Europe, with a trackable service for customers.

Prices quoted are per 100g and delivery information is available here: www.tearoute.co.uk



Tearoute is a family-owned company, founded in Greece in 2001. Having opened two tea shops initially, one in Thessaloniki and the other in Kolonaki in Athens, later in 2013 a third shop opened in Athens, in the Kifisia area. Tearoute UK launched in September 2016, as an online shop. There is also a delivery service for wholesale partners. Tearoute offers a greek twist on tea with unique and unusual blends. Inspired by the diversity of Mediterranean nature, tearoute blends whole leaf teas with essential oils, dried fruits, flower blossoms and spices.

Tearoute also offers top quality single origin teas, which are non-blended teas from a single tea-producing area, for example Assam in India or Yunnan in China. It is important for tearoute’s founders to know where each tea comes from and who is responsible for harvesting, processing and blending the teas they buy.

Milena is an entrepreneur, born in Paris and a graduate of the LSE. Milena founded the social enterprise Room for Tea in 2011, a home-sharing network that connects interns and young professionals looking for affordable housing with hosts who have a spare room in their homes. In 2016, Milena set up the UK branch of tea.


For media enquiries regarding tearoute and Milena Bottero, including requests for tasting samples and interviews, please contact: Natasha Najm on me@natasha-najm.com or 07921 618191