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Happy St Paddy’s Day everyone. I must admit mine, this year, hasn’t been the most exciting which is shameful considering I am Irish. Normally it’s tradition to head out to a pub on the Saturday then Parade on the Sunday but this year the most I’ve done in regards to celebrating is making an Irish coffee ahh! Oh and watching the Rugby –  I know Ireland weren’t playing but watching sport counts a little wouldn’t you say?

The reason for my lack of celebrating is that I’m starting a new job tomorrow and really just wanted to get ready today and not have a hangover- it probably wouldn’t have made the best first impression! I still could have gone to the parade and stayed sober but I also looked out the window at the weather and just decided to be a bit of a wuss really. In result my day has been pretty uneventful so what better way to spruce things up then by making an Irish coffee.

Being brought up in a large Irish family (my dad is one of eleven!) drinking and good food go hand and hand. Nothing quite compares to an Irish wedding, where the celebrations can go on until 5a.m in the morning and you are never short of food or someone buying a round of drinks. I’m at the age now where at the next wedding it will be me and my brothers and sister who will be buying the drinks for our younger cousins. Oh to be nineteen again. However, if you just want a nice desert drink to unwind then an Irish coffee really is absolutely delicious. My mum has made these for us for years and although Temple Bar in Dublin is a super tourist attraction I must admit I had one of the best Irish coffees in there a few years back.

So here we are, the simple method to making an Irish coffee:



1 heaped tsp Coffee

2tsp Brown or White Sugar

1 measure of Irish Whiskey

2tbsp Chilled Double Cream


1. In a glass put 1 heaped tsp of Coffee


2. Add 2tsp of sugar


3. Pour over a measure of Irish Whiskey. Add boiling water so that it fills 3/4 of the glass. Stir well.




4. With a small spoon, place it face up on the surface of the coffee. Pour over 2tbsp     cold double cream so that it rests on top of the coffee.


017025And there you have an Irish Coffee. It probably could do with being a bit darker so for that you can use a stronger coffee but taste wise it does the trick especially if you’re in the mood for something sweet.

I hope you’ve all had a great St Patrick’s Day. I’ll make sure to have a more exciting one next year. Who knows I might end up in Chicago and see the green river, that is definitely on a to do list!