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Parliament Hill Fields Farmers Market

The first ray of sunshine sprang about yesterday and what a lovely day it turned out to be. It really puts you in such a better mood! The constant cold and snow in April just hasn’t been agreeing with me lately so it’s lovely to have a bit of sunshine! Yesterday I had a fun productive morning. Craig and I went to Hampstead Heath to play some tennis but as it was such a gorgeous day all the tennis courts were full so to kill some time we went to the Parliament Fields Farmers market which takes place every Saturday between 10am to 2pm. The smell of sausages and fresh flowers enticed us in and we  wandered round trying different cheeses, buying some delicious sweet fresh pear juice and vowing we’d come back for either a burger or a  sausage from Giggly Pig Co.


Giggly Pig Co.


Parliament Hill Fields Dog Creche

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Parliament Hill Fields Farmers market started in 2008 and has accumulated many regular customers who come weekly to buy their fresh fish and meat for the weekend. Not only does the market sell meat, fish and jams, there is soup, skincare products, home-made cakes as well as fresh veg and flowers. I picked up three bunches of daffodils costing me as little as £1. The great thing about Parliament Hill Fields market is that if you had popped out for a walk with your dog and fancied a little look around the market there is a dog crèche where the dogs can stay so you have the freedom to have a little wander without the fear of your dog jumping up to steal the food. This cute little dog was one of the many we saw barking out for their owners or most probably for the food!


A perfect way to kill some time and try out some tasty food, next time I go I will be sure to buy some of the Scottish sausages and take back with me a slice of homemade cake! 016 037 048