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BircherHealthy BircherBirchers have become a bit of an addiction for me at the moment and also my Friday morning treat. As much as I love trying out new recipes and different cuisines when I get hold of something I like I become a bit of a creature habit and I can return to it again and again. Examples of this have included the roasted vegetable cous cous from M&S (honestly if it’s not on the shelf when I’ve set my mind on having it for lunch I spend about an hour deciding on something else) as well as recently the goats cheese bakes from Sainsburys (probably not the healthiest of dinner options but so simple) and now after discovering Pret’s bircher I have become addicted! It really is such a treat and when I have it I just feel all happy because it’s delicious yet good for you at the same time and fills me right up.

So, after buying the bircher approximately 11 times and still not growing tired of it but rather thinking I’ve started spending more money than I normally would on breakfast I thought to myself it might be a good thing to save some money and try and make my own version. Turns out it’s pretty simple to do. All you need is:


30g wholegrain rolled oats

4 tbsp natural yoghurt (I normally use Greek natural yogurt but you can choose whatever you prefer)

2tsp ground cinnamon

1 apple (grated)

1 bag mixed nuts (pistachios & cranberries work really well)

Apple juice (optional)
003 (1024x683) Method    Time: 5- 10 mins

1) Mix together the oats, yogurt and ground cinnamon in a bowl and leave to soak for 5 minutes. 006 (1024x683) 2) Grate the apple and add to mixture, trying to get as much juice incorporated as possible. (If you want your bircher to be sweeter just add a little bit of apple juice)007 (1024x683) 3)Combine altogether and add nuts to the topDelicious Breakfast BircherBreakfast BircherAnd hey presto you have your bircher! It really is so simple, the only danger I now have is I make too much of it that it could be the equivalent of my breakfast and lunch mixed into one!Healthy_bircher