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beautiful tulipsI have been saying I will go to Columbia Road flower market for probably the best part of a year however for some reason or another haven’t ventured out- probably due to being lazy on a Sunday morning and wanting to stay in with a cup of tea and a paper (how old am I?!). However this morning with the sun shining I decided there was no excuse and waking up before 9 a.m I decided I would go.

Open every Sunday from 8a.m to 3p.m, Columbia Rd market will still be on even if the rain is pouring from the skies! Luckily for me it was a lovely day and I found it pretty easily too as, after getting off at Old Street station, I just followed the direction that several people carrying big beautiful bunches of flowers were coming from. I saw so many people with flowers in their hands I worried I would get there and there wouldn’t be many left however I needn’t have worried as when I arrived the place was absolutely buzzing and there was a large selection of flower stalls. It was so busy at times I could barely move but I didn’t really mind as like everyone else I just got caught up with looking around at all the flowers. Sunflowers and hydrangeas proved popular and there were so many different coloured roses from baby pink to midnight blue as well as orchids and flower buds. A band played at either end of the market and there are a selection of shops and cafes on either side of the market to pop in to too. My favourites were Vintage heaven & cakehole (perfect for picking up a tea set) and the old fashioned style pic n mix store Suck & chew (shock horror!).

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I found a little piece of heaven when I walked down the side street and stumbled upon Lily Vanilli’s bakery. I almost didn’t go in as just in as it was very busy and I just wanted to have a little look at the decor  but as soon as I turned to leave and saw one of the cakes I couldn’t not go in. Her cake designs are simply stunning and the flavours sounded too tempting not to buy one so I did and opted for a carrot & walnut cake with cream frosting.

lily vanilli

fig cake lily vanilli carrot cake lili vanillicarrot cake lili vanilli_cakes lili vanilliI walked back through the market where one of the bands was now struggling to be heard due to the person living in the flat above them blasting out Evelyn Champagne King’s, Love come down which was pretty entertaining. Wandering back through the centre I decided I would buy some hydrangeas but I kept seeing other flowers that took my fancy and ended up with orange tulips and two other bunches. At £5 each it’s quite easy to get carried away but it wasn’t so much the cost I was worried about but how I was going to be able to carry them and do more shopping at the same time! It’s such a lovely place for buying presents or treating yourself and now I’ve been I will definitely be going again, next weekend anyone? 🙂
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