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BBC Good Food Show 2014Grk BrosChesnutsWoodhouse Farm hog roast This year marked my third year entering the magical BBC Good Food Show where once again I was blown away by the amount of food producers, some old, many new who were there to exhibit their goods and show off their products. Kensington Olympia was as busy as ever with masses of people coming to get a sample of some of the finest produce across the UK as well as kitchen utensils and present ideas just in time before Christmas. As you can probably tell I am a huge fan of the BBC Good Food Shows and also look forward to this time of year and heading out to make a full day of going around the exhibition. With two floors full of stalls it’s very easy to lose yourself in wandering round, talking, sampling and spending your money but it’s all worth it.Casa Cannoli Interview stage BBC Good Food Show This year there were some amazing stalls but the stand out ones for me was: Gower Cottage Brownies I indulged in the best brownies I have ever tasted which belonged to Gower Cottage Brownies. Honestly I have never tasted brownies that simply melt in your mouth the same way these do. I started off with a taster which rapidly lead to five and then figured this won’t be enough so ended up buying two to bring home and they didn’t quite last the journey. BBC Good Food Magazine themselves have quoted them as “The best brownies we have ever tasted.” Not only do they taste amazing but Kate who makes the brownies also packages them with raffia and tissue paper with a personalised message in the case that you wanted to give them as a gift. She started selling the brownies in the local village shop in 2007 and now she sells thousands of them all across the UK. Gower Cottage Brownies BBC Good Food Coconoil Coconut oil is the new fashionable oil but there’s a reason too. It can be used in pretty much everything, contains hardly any fat and is actually healthy for you – how have I not jumped on this bandwagon sooner? Well simply, the reason being, when I’ve come across it in the supermarket it has been pretty costly and I can never justify myself buying it. It’s silly really when you think I’ll easily splash out £6 on a glass of wine after a busy day at work or a night out however will question whether to spend it on something I will use over and over again. Therefore it was a good thing too that I came across coconoil at the show. Not only was it good value for money, £6 for 500g, but the lady who owned the stall was extremely helpful, informative and passionate about the product which are all winning ingredients for selling. After hearing about how I can add it to my porridge as well as my hair, I have to admit I walked away pretty excited with my purchase and looking forward to testing it out. Marvellous Sicily Another super friendly and incredible sales team were Marvellous Sicily who managed to encourage Craig and I to buy quite a lot of pesto! (I like pesto but I don’t cook with it all that often but I will now!) They enticed us in by letting us try absolutely everything from their stand from wild fennel pesto to different varieties of olive paste whilst giving us suggestions on what they would work well with. The sun dried tomato pesto was a real winner as well as surprisingly for someone who isn’t mad on olives I actually really loved their olive paste on capers. The two things I did sample and wish I had bought now was their deliciously light pannetone and their extremely fresh and sweet pistachio cream. I can just picture the two together now and am beating myself up that I didn’t by them. An online delivery might just be called for. Marvellous Sicily Pistachio creamHelp yourself to happiness Marvellous Sicily Lindt You can’t deny Lindt produce delectable chocolate. It’s smooth, it’s creamy, it simply melts in your mouth. I especially love their big golden rabbit when you get a big chunky ear or the feet at the bottom however it’s not a chocolate I buy all too often. That may just change now that they have new flavours such as coconut and my new favourite Toasted Seasame dark chocolate! Honestly I must have returned to the stand six or seven times just to get another sample. It is one the best flavoured chocolate bars Lindt has ever produced. I’m surprised I liked it more than the coconut one as coconut chocolate is simply out of this world (if you haven’t tried Whitakers coconut slab from New Zealand you need to get online and order one now) however Lindt’s sesame is simple addictive. Lindt describes the bar as a ‘a perfectly balanced blend of intensely dark chocolate and delicate pieces of roasted sesame seeds. The nutty earthiness of the seeds enhances the roasted character of the cocoa, while the crunchy texture creates the ultimate taste sensation.’ Now if that hasn’t got your taste buds going into overdrive I don’t know what will. Flora Tea This stand was extremely popular mainly due to their unique concept of creating, as the name suggest, a flower tea. Their online profile on BBC Good Food website informs us that ‘Flora Teas are hand-tied individual Green tea leaves with selected dried aromatic flowers forming a tea heart. Once placed in boiling water, it reveals its secret centre, blooming into an artistic and captivating flower display with an enriching taste’. Featured on Dragons den, Floral Tea have become extremely successful and have expanded across Europe. Unique and beautiful they make lovely presents and were a treat to stumble across. Floral Tea BBC Good Food Floral Tea Becca’s Food Kitchen A lovely exhibitor who again did not let us leave until we had tried all three of their pesto flavours. The basil and almond was a winner hands down for me, although the green chilli, coriander goats cheese flavour proved popular. Becca's Food Kitchen Pesto Becca's Food Kitchen Ass Kickin Bright, fun and in your face (in a good way) Ass kicking is the perfect exhibitor for lovers of anything hot & spicy! Their crazy and colourful packaging is enough alone to persuade you to buy their products and certainly grabbed our attention. I can’t handle spicy food, I like a little kick but I’m a bit of a wuss in that respect therefore I didn’t even try a sample but they sell a varied range of products ranging from bacon cheddar peanuts to Bloody Mary Mix of Hell. Again, a really fun gift idea or even treat for yourself if looking for a spicy kick! Ass Kickin' Salsa Well there you have a few golden stalls that I absolutely loved but there were hundreds more. You can see a full list of the exhibitors on the BBC Good Food Show here. It honestly does get more and more popular every year and I think I end up spending more and more money each year however It is most definitely worth it. It’s also worth attending BBC Good Food Show for the atmosphere alone, it is such a buzzing, positive place to spend the day and be surrounded by people so passionate about what they do and who have followed their dreams. It’s inspiring and an incredibly worthwhile day and I’m already looking forward to the next one. Baobab tree