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Cerebral Palsy Association of BCScotiabank Charity ChallengeYesterday was an eventful and beautiful day despite having less than 5 hours sleep. I started it by cycling down to Stanley park where the Scotiabank charity challenge, where you could choose to run or walk 5k or a half marathon, was taking place. For those who were running the half marathon, their morning had already began at 7am and some of them were near crossing the finishing line by the time I arrived at the charity village to help the Cerebral Palsy association of BC with their booth for the morning. The Cerebral Palsy association is a wonderful charity in Vancouver that is committed to making a life without limits for people with disabilities. Set up in 1954 the charity works to  raise awareness of cerebral palsy in the community, assists individuals living with cerebral palsy to reach their maximum potential and does this in many ways ranging from fundraisers, implementing programs and events. The executive director of the charity, Feri, and a few of her colleagues were taking part in the event, some doing the 5k and some doing the half marathon so I was there to help man the stand and cheer them on. There’s always such an incredible atmosphere at charity runs and yesterday was no exception. There was food in abundance for the runners ranging from liberty yoghurts, bananas, cookies, power bars, smoothies and so many charities were taking place. It was really nice to take some time and walk around the other stalls to see the other charities that were involved in the event. However this wasn’t the only big event happening, rather down in Kitsilano,  Greek day was taking place. GreekDayBroadwayI have never heard of this before but as soon as I saw the sign I knew I was going to enjoy it. Greek food is one of my absolute favourite cuisines. I had always enjoyed Greek dishes and my mum’s famous Greek potatoes she loves to make for special occasions however when I went to Kefalonia I discovered some of the most incredible Greek food I have ever had. Kefalonian meat pie, the most amazing pork and chicken gyros, stifado, Greek salad, I could go on. It makes my mouth water just thinking of all the food. Every evening I found myself consuming huge dishes but I couldn’t help myself it was all so delicious. Therefore I was excited to see what Greek day had to offer. With West Broadway closed off for the day from Blenheim to Macdonald the street was filled with stalls offering food , clothes, raffle tickets, pottery classes, music performances, chef demonstrations and lots more. Entertainment Greek DaySouvlakichocolate Cinanmon Swirls Donar Greek Day BroadwayStreet Performer Greek DayGreek Day VancouverSeveral of the restaurants in Kitsilano had a stall open for the day so you could try items from their menu such as Nuba, Stepho’s Souvlaki and East is East. Home made lemonade was extremely popular with a constant que but was so worth it as was deliciously refreshing on such a humid day. I passed a stall on my first walk down the market where the gyros looked incredible but thought let’s do a quick once over before deciding on what to have. In that time despite not even being in the mood for chocolate I found myself buying a chocolate smore from the beautiful high tea shop Neverland stall because it was just so beautifully presented and looked too tempting. Neverland Smoreschicken gyrosThere was some stunning hand crafted jewellery stalls and several stalls selling dresses and clothes for as little as 10 dollars. The heat of the stoves of the ovens added to the heat in the air making the whole street so warm but there was a delcious aroma of smells. After walking the street up and down I decided on going back to the first stall and getting the chicken gyros which was definitely a good choice. Thick warm bread wrapped around large chunks of fresh cooked herb and spiced chicken, smothered in tzaski sauce with salad, you can’t go wrong really. The only wrong part about it was when my friend Masie and I decided to sit down to eat our food and discover we were sitting in an ants nest! Pretty soon after escaping the ants on the floor there seemed to be ants everywhere in the air. At about 2pm it was almost like ants had taken over the streets and were literally everywhere! I was happy I had already eaten and had a look around the stalls as it did get so much that we had to run into shops to try and get away from them buzzing around in our faces. Greek day however, despite the flying ants, continued on into the night with food, dancing and music offering people the opportunity to keep sampling the delcious food and eat Greek dishes all throughout the day. Sounds like food heaven to me.