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Beautiful Neverland Tea Salon Neverland treats Maz at Neverland Tea Salon Neverland Tea_chocolate coconut If you know me well, you’ll know that I am a huge lover of tea. Consuming approximately four cups a day is no challenge for me, more a habit. My family are Irish so of course I was always going to be a big tea drinker but I would say it’s only been in the last couple of months that I have weaned myself off simply drinking English or Irish breakfast tea and have tried sampling some of those other lovely herbal remedies. Last week with my friend Maz visiting, I wanted to find someone lovely to go and have a good catch up and I stumbled across the most perfect place on West Broadway called Neverland Tea Salon. Started up by long-term friends Terri Tatchell and Renee Iaci, Neverland is a beautiful tea shop, inspired by the legendary novel Peter Pan. Decadent, quaint and magical, quotes from Peter Pan are decorated across the walls, fine china is used and 20th century chairs are decked around in different places around the tearoom. The bar on the right with pastries on show is the first thing that catches your eye as you walk through the doors as well as the gorgeous little honey pots placed on each table. Maz and I actually made two trips to Neverland in the time she was here and both were so lovely. We actually booked it the first time because we wanted to go for dessert but thought it would be sensible to order something savoury first. I opted for the Kale Chicken Caesar salad with the Shelley tea infused cocktail consisting of peaches and dreams white tea, vanilla vodka and lillet. Maz opted for the apple cheddar sandwich with aged cheddar, sliced granny smith apples, lettuce and house made apply chutney served with lightly toasted multigrain bread and the Aynsley, a tea cocktail made using wild strawberry green tea, blueberry vodka and Chambord. Kale Chicken Caesar Salad Neverland Apple Cheddar Sandwich NeverlandTea infused cocktailsTheir tea selection is so varied and incredible. They do a mar-tea -ni happy hour throughout the week and just the idea of a mar-tea-ni sounds amazing. The two tea cocktails we ordered were delicious, fruity and fresh. We were all set to order our dessert and even knew what we wanted however when we went to order we found out that the kitchen was closed. It was such a shame as we were looking forward to the desserts but while we were there we thought we might as well stay and just order what was available instead. The options available were scones and the tasting plate, which consisted of rhubarb tart, chocolate mousse cake and a lemon cheesecake. The scones were fluffy and warm with a sugar coating on top and very moreish when covered in cream and jam. The stand out dessert of the three was the rhubarb tart, which was light and fruity. Both desserts were very enjoyable but it was a bit of a shame we didn’t have the desserts we were going to go for as they sounded incredible. We decided we would come back the following Saturday and make sure we got in before 5p.m when the kitchen closes.Scones_neverland Tasting plate_Neverland The following Saturday we did return and chocolate was the last thing on my mind since we had indulged so much in Tofino, however we still wanted to sample the desserts therefore kept our reservation. This time we arrived half an hour earlier at 4p.m and simply ordered some tea and dessert. The server recognised us and welcomed us back encouragingly as he was happy we could try out the desserts this time! For drinks I ordered one of the specials, a white tea with cucumber and citrus which was just a little bland for me, however I added a fair bit of honey to it and it tasted really good after that. Maz ordered the chocolate coconut tea, which we both fell in love with and bought a bags worth. For desserts I ordered the Valhrona dark chocolate ganache bar with house made chai ice cream and coconut spice crumble and Maz ordered the passion fruit and coconut mousse dome, macadamia and coconut clusters, mango lime ‘ravioli’ and fresh mango. Just reading those descriptions you can easily see why we wanted to come back and it was definitely worth it! The chai ice cream was incredible and mixed with the coconut crumble and dark chocolate created a delicious concoction of rich chocolate, spiced crunchiness goodness. Maz’s mango dome was fruity, light and incredibly addictive. We both kept pinching some off the others plate and just sitting in silence whilst we devoured our desserts.Dark Chocolate ganache bar_Neverland Passion Fruit & Mango Mousse dome_neverlandMaz and mango dessertThe experience of Neverland was fun and memorable both times, it has such a charm about it and really is the perfect spot to go with friends for a catch up. I know I’ll be going back again soon.