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Seattle bubblegum Pike's Place Market Space Needle Cat in books toreArriving in Seattle when the lights were dark was a perfect opportunity to see the skyline at night and it was beautiful. We arrived at 9.30 when the air was still balmy, and got to our air bnb apartment for 10ish. It was located in such a great spot and I loved the feel of the place. It had 5 rooms, a kitchen, living room space and although we were sharing with other people it had the feel of just being like your own house. We passed a cool looking bar on the way to our accommodation so decided to walk down the road as it was so close and check it out. It was called Revolver and was set up by a guy who absolutely loved music and had so many vinyl’s but no where to store them so decided to set up a bar and have them on show. The drinks menu had some really cool looking cocktails called drop shots, which were named after bands. We went for the champagne supernova and Black Sabbath. We drank most of the first one separately after trying them on their own and found we actually preferred the taste. Craig ordered some chicken wings and they had some super hot Jamaican flavoured spice on them that after a little bite our mouths were on fire!

Seattle SkylineOur first day in Seattle was so much fun! We got up reasonably early, had breakfast downstairs in the kitchen then headed out to Pike place market. The waterfront was so beautiful and the day was super sunny and gorgeous. I absolutely fell in love with the market and could’ve spent hours there. The arts and crafts, clothes and food were all incredible. Craig bought a beautiful glass spiral shape necklace and I was very tempted to buy a chunky woolly hoody but I didn’t think it was quite the right time to buy it! I did however buy a couple of paintings and a delicious smelling coconut lemon hand lotion. We also passed a cherry & nut stall where we literally got to try every single nut/fruit/granola bite they were selling which was good fun as they all tasted amazing especially the vanilla chocolate almond. The bags were quite expensive though so we didn’t end up purchasing one after trying so much!Fish counter Pike's Market

Fruit Pike's MarketThe best part of the market came at the end when we found Elleno’s Greek yoghurt. Oh my goodness, this was actually up there with the cheesecake! We had read about it on trip advisor and it had received such incredible ratings that we knew we had to find it. Between us we sampled about 6 different flavours including passion fruit, lemon and chai before deciding on berry crumble and muesli and it was the creamiest most delicious yoghurt I have ever had in my life. Every spoonful I had was just pure heaven. As I was eating it all I could think of was that I was coming back tomorrow to get the same thing again. I absolutely loved it and have already recommended it to friends who went to Seattle last weekend.
Ellenos Yoghurt

I had a music tour booked as a present to Craig for 1p.m so we headed to the EMP museum after as that was our meeting point. The tour was with a lady called Charity who had a vast knowledge about the music scene in Settle from the 80s to the present day. I thought the tour was two hours but it went on for almost 3. It was a great way to see different parts of the city and we got to see Kurt Cobain’s house, black hole sun monument, some great bars where we learnt stories about where Nirvana signed their contract as well as seeing different parts of Seattle that would’ve taken a lot longer to get to by public transport!Bench next to Kurt Cobain's house

Black Hole SunIt was almost 4p.m by the time the tour finished and Craig and I were quite happy to step out in to the sun. We walked behind the EMP museum and came across this amazing water fountain where loads of kids were playing. The water wasn’t too strong at first but there was classical music playing alongside it and all of a sudden when the song reached its peak the fountain went crazy and water came bursting out everywhere, it was just like being back in Vegas! Watching from above I was thinking my god that looks really heavy and there were so many kids running about underneath but it must’ve been pretty fun. Water Fountain SeattleAfter watching this spectacle we headed to a cool Mexican bar for a delicious margarita and a really cool venue. I loved the Elvis room where everyone who visited had drawn their own interpretation of Elvis and stuck it up on the wall.Elvis drawings Elvis Room For dinner we went next door to Rocco’s where we had the best pizza I have ever had, well best half a pizza! Up until this point the pumpkin pizza I had five years ago in Byron Bay has been my absolute favourite pizza, followed recently by the delicious honey pork pizza you can get on commercial drive however Roccos has blown them both out of the water. Craig, thank goodness, ordered BBQ chicken whereas I went for goats cheese and almond, I have no idea why, and as soon as the humungous pizza came and I had a taste of mine and then a taste of Craig’s I could no longer go back to eating my own. The BBQ chicken was unbelievable. Thankfully due to the size of the pizza we both managed to have 2 massive slices which was a good amount to eat (I could’ve eaten more) but I was very grateful he shared it with me. The drinks on the other hand were not quite as good. On their cocktail menu they had an interesting option to create your own cocktail which we both thought sounded pretty cool.

You could pick your base ingredient, the shrub and then add two flavours. When the servers brought it over it looked pretty cool like something out of a science lab however when we mixed them together following the suggested amounts of each given ingredientthe drink was actually quite disgusting. The vinegar completely overpowered the whole drink and it just tasted like a drink that’s gone off and turned sour. Fortunately we still had the pizza to counteract the taste of the drink.
We rolled out of Roccco’s, walked around for a while and headed back to the house. We only had one more day in Seattle before heading back to Vancouver! Although technically we still had three days of the holiday left it really felt at this point that the holiday was coming to an end.Make your own cocktailPizza

Day two in Seattle was pretty chilled. We got up and you guessed it headed down to pike’s place market again. We ordered two amazing salads from a lovely little cafe. Mine was a Mexican bowl salad (I think Mexian has become my new very cuisine!) and Craig’s was a hot sausage and fish dish. It was so hot I think he preferred mine as it was bit more refreshing. Straight after we went to an amazing smelling ice cream shop we passed on our way to get our salads. The server was really fun and let us sample all the different flavours from maple bacon to red velvet and his personal favourite which Craig opted for which was hazelnut salted caramel and it was delicious – nutty, gooey, chocolaty heaven. If I hadn’t set my heart on getting my yoghurt again I would’ve got one. I was tempted to get one of their delicious looking cakes but resisted (god knows why!) We then wandered through the market again and went in search for the bubble-gum wall. I wouldn’t even have known about this but a girl I met at our accommodation said we should check it out. It is literally an alley where all the walls have been covered in bubble-gum where people have taken it out of their mouth and stuck it there from waiting for gigs. It was gross but pretty cool at the same time and smelt super sweet. Bubblegum wallAfter this we of course headed to Ellenos where this time I tried the mixed berry one which was equally amazing but I went for the muesli one again because I loved it so much and it was just as good. I think I preferred it a little more the first time as I ate it right away whereas this time I saved it for an hour before having some and I think the consistency got a little flat because of the sun. We headed back to pick up our bags as we were catching the bus at 4.30. We were sad to be leaving Seattle. There was still lots to explore such as the museums but we had a wonderful time and luckily it is only 4 hours on the bus from me so I’m am already planning on coming back (pretty much for more yoghurt).