Spiced Salmon and Mango Cous Cous


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salmon & mango cous cous salmon & mango vegetable cous cous

Summer has finally arrived, meaning soups are out the window and summer salads are in. When the weather’s sunny I always find I want to make something quick and easy in the kitchen so I can spend more time outside enjoying it.

This delicious salmon dish is light, easy to make and perfect for summer. I recently made it with my friend Maz after a lovely day of sunny hiking (where we both realised we need to get fitter!) and rather than coming home and indulging in sugary food and a stodgy dinner we vowed to make something healthy.

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Peanut Butter Energy Balls


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energy ball energy ballsenergy ball recipe

A couple of weeks ago I took part in a wonderful challenge with the charity North London Cares. They are a charity that aim to tackle isolation and loneliness in over 65’s who live in Camden and Islington. I joined North London Cares as a volunteer in December 2015 and it is has been such a great experience. They run a wide variety of projects from film clubs to cooking classes, yoga and socials offer engaging and wonderful moments to talk to someone you wouldn’t always get the chance to, build new friendships and combat loneliness. I love going along to the film nights on Tuesdays and the radio podcasts on Saturdays and just listening to other people’s stories.

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The Art of Dining Presents Fire & Feast at The London Dungeon


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Art of Dining_Fire and Feast Sichuan style beef ribs in fire sauce with braised greens and garlic rice_The Art of Dining are back and this time they’ve brought their amazing Fire and Feast five course pop up to The London Dungeon. We were lucky enough to head on down on Monday night to get a sneak preview on what was on offer and it definitely did not disappoint!

Farriner's Flame CocktailArriving at the Dungeons, which are now located near Waterloo station next to the London eye, we left the lovely sunshine to go deep into the darkness where we were greeted with a glass of bubbly and some eccentric characters who brought us back to the year of 1666 when the Great Fire of London began.
Offering a taster of the new show ‘Escape the Great Fire of London’ you are guaranteed plenty of surprises as you unravel your way through the dark and spooky rooms. Be warned there may also be a few moments where you’ll be needing to grab hold of your plus one!
After having a fabulous taster of the show we carried on through the twists and the turns until we reached the tavern where several tables were laid out beautifully for our feast for the evening.


Moro trained chef Ellen Parr once again demonstrated her culinary skills to perfection in both presentation and taste with her incredible five course menu which was broken down to Bread, Smoke, Fire, Burnt and Ash. As we sat down to our tables in the old fashioned tavern, we were treated to a burnt orange cocktail and an envelope which was a game of charades with some of the hardest cards inside! Continue reading

The Art of Dining & London Dungeon Presents Fire and Feast!


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Fire & Feast

Unique evening pop up dining experience from Tuesday 14 June 2016

The Art of Dining and The London Dungeon are delighted to present Fire & Feast, a unique evening event marking the opening of an immersive new show – Escape the Great Fire – at the famous attraction. Diners will journey through The Great Fire of London presented as a five course pop-up dining experience, combining food, theatre, music and design in the atmospheric setting of the London Dungeon.

London. 1666. The capital is a disaster waiting to happen; timber houses packed cheek-by-jowl, just waiting for a spark to set the whole city ablaze. At the Dungeon Tavern, a feast is being held in honour of Sir Thomas Bludworth, the Lord Mayor of London. The evening is beset by rumours and worry about a fire that started the previous night and is said to be spreading to all areas of the city. Bludworth’s staff, at his behest, are trying to keep a lid on the creeping panic, but as the evening unfolds it becomes clear that this could be the guests’ last meal and they may not make it out alive…

Guests will get an exclusive taste of the London Dungeon’s new ‘Escape The Great Fire’ show as well as sampling some special gallows humour courtesy of the London Dungeon’s Jester and the Plague Surgery, which is dealing with a nasty case of the Great Plague. Continue reading

Grab your Jacket you’ve pulled at The Potato Project


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The Potato ProjectBorlotti Bean, Tomato & Mature Cheddar Cheese )) The Potato Project__

Last weekend courtesy of The Food Sauce I got to venture out to a fabulous little place in Soho called The Potato Project. I had a few strange looks when I told friends I was going to a potato event and I must admit I wasn’t too sure what to expect either. With Irish parents, potatoes have always been quite a fixture in our evening meals growing up however apart from eating sweet potato fries quite a lot I can’t say I eat potatoes all that much.

Carbohydrates and potatoes have been cast in a negative life in the last ten years and marketed as a cause to weight gain. When hoping to lose weight, the majority of diet plans will say cut out your carbs and potatoes however when it comes to healthy eating potatoes are actually extremely good for you in that not only are they nutritious but they are filling too.

Therefore the fact that there is now a company based in London that serves potatoes with a variety of different flavors along with delicious starters and a potato infused desert is a pretty special thing!

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Food, Fun and Sun at Brighton Foodies Festival 2016!


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brighton foodies festivalBetsy Carrot Cake La saucy salsa I can’t think of a better way to spend a bank holiday than surrounded by lots of food, music, sun and sea and that is exactly what Brighton Foodies Festival offered up last weekend! The UK’s largest celebration of food & drink returned last Saturday with a fantastic line up of top chefs including Matt Gillan, Stephen Crane and Adam Simmonds. Maz and I headed down on Sunday, arriving in the early afternoon to an already buzzing and busy festival. I attended the Kenwood Foodies Festival in 2014 which was a fabulous day out however there’s something a little magical with having a food festival by the sea. The big double decker bus bar was back serving lots of delicious beverages and opportunity to go upstairs and chill out on the comfy sofas. Pimms served their delicious fruity drink from a big pink teapot and there was a pirate ship serving mojitos and other rum cocktails.
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Pickles, Floppy Disks and ‘Working over Time’ Cocktails at The Art of Dining Pop Up 80s Party


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80sofficepartyartofdining_setWednesday night marked the opening of The Art of Dining’s Pop Up 80s Office Party  which took place at The Rose Lipman Building in Haggerston. This was my first Art of Dining experience, therefore I wasn’t really sure what to expect however any evening that’s 80s themed can’t be bad, hey?!

The venue definitely didn’t disappoint. I went along with my friend, Adrian who had attended their Abigail’s Party dinner and said it was one of the best events he had been to, due to the attention to seventies dinner party detail and the characterisation of the Abigail’s Party hostess. We both loved the décor, designed by Alice Hodge who has previously done several of the set designs for Art of Dining events. The room was laid out with several rows of tables consisting of blocks of eight, with a wonderful bar a level up at the back of the venue where pickles (a key ingredient, to say the least of the evening) were on display and you could order a special pickle shot in line with the themed office exercises.

artofdining_games_There was also the option of buying wine flutes for £20, which offered a flute of wine for every dinner course, which I was very tempted with – however we wanted to try out the cocktails as pina colado was on the list and a special cosmopolitan (renamed as The Paradigm Shift). To keep the theme in the forefront, we had floppy disks as coasters and a staff manual doubled up as a menu on every seat. There was also an overhead projector and a selection of photocopiers strewn around the room, as well as office folders to fully flesh out the office environment. The playlist was a nice addition as there were a range of power ballad-esq ranging from Hungry Eyes to Love is a Battlefield, which definitely make us feel as though we had stepped back in time.Theparadigmshift

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The Art of Dining brings you 80s Office Party!


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 the art of dining



Back by extremely popular demand, The Art of Dining are inviting guests to their 80s-themed pop-up experience combining food, music, theatre and set design, all inspired by the classic office party. Step back in time to a boardroom heaven: big hair, big ambition and even bigger shoulder pads.

Amanda Bellingham, female powerhouse and boss of The Pickle Factory Ltd, will be taking the night off from monitoring pickle production and hosting the annual celebration of the company’s birthday with you, her loyal staff members, as her guests. Having fun and joining in is mandatory, so expect team-building games, office-based antics and perhaps even a round of Pictionary on the overhead projector, with pay rises and promotions on offer for the most dedicated members of staff. Once dinner has been eaten, and Amanda is satisfied with your appraisals, you may even get a slow dance with the boss.


The 80s Office Party will see set designer Alice Hodge take you back to the decade of geometric artwork and corporate colours, transforming The Rose Lipman Building into a classic office environment of overhead projectors and pinboards, filing cabinets and pot plants, complete with a refreshing lack of computers and the all important, and much abused, photocopier.

OT_AOD_Office_1 Guests will be invited to grab a glass of punch from the water cooler and get ready to Enjoy Moro-trained chef Ellen Parr’s five courses of office inspired food from the era, presented with a contemporary twist that will take guests from the morning black coffee to the afternoon biscuits.

The power pop-up duo, Ellen Parr & Alice Hodge have collaborated in the past to create some of London’s most unforgettable dinners, including The Engine Room, Abigail’s Party, The Colour Palate, Gone Camping, and A Night with the Mistress (the latter in conjunction with The National Trust.)

Alice Hodge, Co-Founder of The Art Of Dining Said: ‘As always, we love to create really amazing and engaging concepts for our audiences. The 80s Office Party was such a success at Christmas that when we found a larger office-type venue we thought it would be a great opportunity to develop the idea further with added interactive features and entertainment. Our guests are guaranteed a really exciting and fun evening with lots of delicious food.’




Rosemary and wild mushroom broth served with goat’s cheese biscuit


Smoked haddock and caper sausage roll with tarragon mustard bean salad


Pickled cucumber and braised pork bao with crispy apple and coriander salad


Tea brined duck, pomegranate salsa, cinnamon pilaf and spiced yogurt


Salted caramel chocolate bourbons with malted milk ice cream


For more information and tickets visit:



Pop- Up Dates:

  • 23rd – 26th March 2016
  • 30th March – 2nd April
  • 6th April – 9th April
  • 13th April -16th April


7.30pm -11.00pm



The Rose Lipman Building,

43 De Beauvoir Road,


N1 5SQ


Ticket Information:

80’s Office Party dining tickets are £55 per person

Ticket price includes five courses, welcome drink and entertainment

Tickets on sale now at: http://www.designmynight.com/london/whats-on/pop-up/the-80s-office-party


For Further information and media enquiries, please contact:


Gemma at Twenty7 Publicity

Gemma@Twenty7publicity.com / 07804 249 049



Swimming and Hiking Adventures at Brohm Lake


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Brohm Lake VancouverSea to Sky Highway Vancouver Brohm Lake Sea to Sky VancouverI wrote this months ago but have been so slack with my posts recently that I’m only just getting round to posting. I can’t believe it’s already been over 6 months since we all went to this incredible place!

The weather in Vancouver over the summer was beautiful so it would have been a sin not to take advantage of the beautiful city and do some road trips and hiking! My friend Anna got the ball rolling with looking into hiring a car as there was 10 of us wanting to go and only one vehicle. We hadn’t fully decided where to go however, Brohm Lake near Squamish was mentioned and recommended so we thought we’d give it a go. The scenery on the way to Squamish, known as the sea to sky highway is absolutely beautiful. Once you get out of downtown traffic, the road is long, free and wide and there are mountains all around for the majority of the journey. With the trunk packed with food, towels and swimwear, we drove for just over an hour taking a quick stop at Shannon Falls before we arrived at Brohm Lake. Continue reading

No Bake Chocolate Avocado Torte – January ‘Set me free’ Cake Club


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No Bake Chocolate Torte Chocolate & Avocado Cake

Monday night was our first cake club for 2016 and to kick start the year keeping in tune with New Year’s Resolutions the theme was ‘free from’ meaning ideally the cakes would be slightly more healthy than usual!

Bar 55 in Camden was the chosen venue for Monday’s cake club. With its huge choice of cocktails and Mondays two for 1 offer all night, it was the perfect place for nine of us to meet up. Ye that’s right, we had nine people and therefore loads of cake!

Any thoughts about being somewhat healthy went right out the window when I realised there would be ten cakes to try. With a mix of savoury and sweet cakes there was a great selection consisting of: Lynn’s savoury aztec bundt cake, Jelena’s savoury upside down cake, Fiona’s flour free raspberry and almond cake, Sandra’s flour less chocolate cake, Amy’s orange and chocolate cake, Orls’a lemon drizzle, Cat’s white chocolate japanese rose infused cheesecake and Joela’s lemon cake.

I opted for a Vegan Chocolate Avocado Torte which my friend Sareta had sent me a link to. As I had a busy Sunday I wanted something quick and easy I could make on the Saturday that would still stay fresh. The first raw chocolate cake I made was from the Rooted Nutrition class I attended in Vancouver which was delicious and I did want to make this one again but couldn’t find the recipe. Therefore chocolate and avocado it was!

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